We think there’s a way to bring the Architect to the Everyday.

In 2020, Daisy graduated University with her Degree in Interior Architecture. She loved parts, but craved the connection and conversations that design revolves around.


That’s why INNER AVENUE consciously focus on the Smaller Impact in Sustainable Brands, from Fashion, to Interiors.


Ethical Fashion

I write ethical here by choice, as its a rich discussion topic. After 7 years going Vegan I realised there are many reasons for peoples standpoints, both morally and ethically, and I think that (eventually) surpasses from food to fashion.

Cruelty Free Beauty

I’m just not interested in putting anything on that’s been involved with animals, animal bi-products, or wrapped in plastic on my skin. I’m not a huge make up wearer, but I don’t think that’s the only side of beauty. I’m just one of those people that knows what they want.

Sustainable Travel

There’s nothing I love more than visiting new cities, where as the rest of the time I’m very happy to laze around at home. Trying new food, walking until my feet hurt and finding the best beaches are things I’m most likely to be doing. I’m never in a hurry, and if there’s a better way to do something, I’ll make sacrifices.

Vegan Recipes

I can’t lie (honestly), the way to my heart is through my stomach (maybe after that visit my brain ’cause that likes a little challenge too). I will walk the length of Athens for a good vegan gyros, on my own, through dodgy night markets. I’m one of those people that relax by doing things, sometimes it’s baking or experimenting with new recipes.

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